Remove the Georgia Guidestones



Christians demand removal of "satanic monument"

the mysterious Georgia Guidestones

from public property


Elberton, GA – An international Christian organization named The Resistance is calling for the immediate removal of the Georgia Guidestones monument and tourist attraction. In the small town of Elberton Georgia, the 19 foot tall granite monument has stood since 1980 consisting of four stones with ten commandments engraved into the sides in 8 different languages.

The bizarre Georgia Guidestones were paid for anonymously by a man calling himself “R. C. Christian” and his identity has remained a mystery ever since.

The first commandment is to, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” (The current population is over 6.6 billion) Other commandments speak of creating a world court and a new world language, and remind us to “be not a cancer on the Earth.”

Mark Dice, spokesperson for The Resistance, insists the name “R.C. Christian” and features on the monument hold hidden occult meanings. Elberton Georgia is the granite capitol of the world leading many to believe the creation of the monument was simply a publicity stunt for the town. Others dismiss the stones as a creation of an eccentric environmentalist, but many Christians, like Dice are disturbed with the stones.

“The Satanic Georgia Guidestones must be removed,” insists Dice. “The message of the Georgia Guidestones is absolutely appalling, and the residents in Elberton should be outraged and be fighting to have them removed.”

“We have atheists and Satanists getting the Bible’s 10 commandments removed from public property, yet the satanic Georgia Guidestones have stood for decades, and nobody seems to care. Well, we do.”

The Elberton Chamber of Commerce acknowledges that Elberton county owns the property, and contrary to other reports, they are not on private land.

Whatever their origin, whether a clever publicity stunt for the Granite Association and the town of Elberton, or the creation by an occultist and supporter of the New World Order, the stones have remained clouded in mystery.

In the past, Dice has made national news for demanding that Duke University change the name of their sports teams from ‘Blue Devils’ to something that’s not offensive to the Christian community. He also asked that rapper 50 Cent stop wearing a diamond studded cross and labeled Scientology a satanic cult. He is the author of The Resistance Manifesto, a 450 page book which details various secret societies. An entire chapter of the book is dedicated the the Georgia Guidestones and their mysterious creator.

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