Phone Calls

Below you can click and listen to dozens of phone calls to popular radio talk shows which prove that these hosts will not address important issues and are paid to pacify the masses and act as gatekeepers to prevent valuable information from reaching people.

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Bohemian Grove Call Try #1 (28 sec)
Bohemian Grove Call Try #2 Cut Off and Insulted (17 sec)
Bohemian Grove Call Try #3 "Why are you Spinning BG?" (10 sec)
Bohemian Grove Call Try #4 (Bill Says Mark Should Be Electrocuted) (1min 28 sec)

CALLING SEAN HANNITY 1 (800) 941-7326

Bohemian Grove call 1 (1min 22sec)
Bohemian Grove call 2 (29sec)
Bohemian Grove call 3 (1min 19sec)
Bohemian Grove call 4 (50sec)
Bohemian Grove call 5 (1min 11sec)
Sean Hannity's credibility questioned (14sec)
9/11 Inside Job question dumped - Call #1 (16sec)
9/11 Inside Job Call #2 (1min 12sec)
9/11 Insider Trading Question (56sec)
John Conner for President #1(1min 17sec)
John for President # 2(1min 21sec)
Caller asks Hannity about Skull & Bones Society (1min 17sec)
Caller cut off for asking about Bohemian Grove (32sec)
Hannity says his show is "under assault" by The Resistance (1min)
George W. Bush the Great Satan (22 sec)
Newt Gingrich Laughs about Bohemian Grove Question
(1-29-2009) Hannity denies knowing what the Bilderberg Group is
(6-10-2011) Mark slams Hannity for Bilderberg gatekeeping

CALLING ALAN COLMES 1 (877) 367-2526

Alan Gets Mad about Bohemian Grove (1min 13sec)
Bush Worships Lucifer (2min 11sec)
Fake Phone Problem (29 sec)
Alan says John Conner is 'a problem' 'a phony' and 'a fraud' (58 sec)
Alan avoids 9/11 Truth Movement topic (18 sec)
Skull & Bones Q denied, next caller also asks about S & B (2min 24sec)
Alan the Gate Keeper"Workin' for the Man" (45 sec)
9/11 inside job call cut off (19 sec)
Alan: 'not much' time spent reading The Resistance Manifesto (6 sec)
Bohemian Grove question cut off (didn't even make on air) but guest still answeres! (24 sec)
Colmes' Screener Avoids Calls from 'John in San Diego' (12 sec)
Thanks Alan, For Talking About 9/11 Truth (1min 23 sec)
Shadow Government wanted 9/11 attacks (37 sec)
Who is this calling? (26 sec)
Bilderberg Group is a crazy conspiracy theory
VIDEO Compilation (8 min 46sec)

\ CALLING RUSH LIMBAUGH 1(800) 282-2882

Rush Shills For Bohemian Grove (3min 57sec)
A caller asks Rush if he would support The Resistance Manifesto (1min 58sec)
Rush says if you're against war, you're with Al Qaeda (1min)

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