The Illuminati Manifesto: Facts & Fiction

In 2001 a man named Solomon Tulbure released a book titled The Illuminati Manifesto, claiming to be the Illuminati’s goals and philosophy which was now being made public.  Only a handful of the most ignorant and gullible individuals actually believed these claims, and unlike similar books claiming to be secret or ancient texts like The Necronomicon and Book of Shadows, The Illuminati Manifesto failed to catch on and was a miserable dud, with little to anyone believing it was an authentic Illuminati text. 

Solomon Tulbure is also the author of Christianity Exposed (2001) which claims that most Christian beliefs are unbiblical and modern Christians follow the teachings of Paul and not Jesus, and that Jesus’ teachings are not worthy of our attention and that an alternative to religion is needed.  In 2002 he also published, President G.W. Bush is a Moron: Islam Is NOT Peace; not exactly a title that would be chosen by an ascended Illuminati master, especially since George W. Bush is in the Illuminati.

The preface for the manifesto reads, “Our vision and goals are clearly spelled out in this abridged version of our Manifesto, the core principles of what we represent.  We had hoped to publish an unabridged version of our Manifesto, however, due to recent events and other reasons we have decided it is not yet the proper time to publish all our protocols and perspectives.  Perhaps in 50-100 years the rest of our protocols will find a more fertile ground and at such time we will publish an unabridged Manifesto.  Nevertheless, in order to squash the many lies that have been written about our organization we thought it necessary to put forth our imprint on the world scene once more.”[1]

While it is obvious that The Illuminati Manifesto is a poor and unconvincing fraud, the story surrounding Solomon Tulbure does get more interesting though, albeit tragic.  In November of 2004 he was found dead after jumping off an interstate overpass in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He was 35 years old and apparently he had made a posting on the Internet two years earlier threatening suicide.  But Tulbure’s sister, Lidia Zotoiu, didn’t believe it and claimed he was murdered.  “His right hand is bruised.  His left hand is full of scratches,” she said.  “Somebody kill him and bring him under the bridge.”[2]

When his brother was asked by police if Solomon was mentally disturbed, his brother Israel answered, “I don’t know.  He could have been because he was very private.”[3]

When asked if he thought his brother committed suicide, Israel said, “We don’t know how he get from the bridge down there.”[4] English was obviously not the family’s native language.

Solomon Tulbure had claimed in the past that his life was in danger because of the information he had disclosed on the Internet and in his books.

The more the story unraveled surrounding Tulbure, the more clear it became that he was nothing more than a man trying to hustle up a few dollars using a variety of schemes. Allegedly he was the creator of, a website attempting to raise money from investors claiming it hoped to have 55 million members within three years.  The site, which is no longer online, offered little information other than reading, “We will be more than happy to provide a detailed business plan upon request.”

According to his brother, Tulbure made money from day trading and from running various websites and that a month before his death someone from “some type of agency” had been calling the family looking for Solomon and said they were investigating him for Internet fraud.  This could have possibly caused or contributed to his decision to commit suicide.

While there are numerous people who are murdered, die in unusual circumstances, or who allegedly commit suicide but are in fact murdered by the FBI, CIA or other agency in order to silence them from telling what they had witnessed in regard to corruption and crime, the case of Solomon Tulbure is a sad case of a man trying to make money off the hysteria that is often associated with the Illuminati, and perhaps in other illegal and underhanded ways.  Upon reading just a few sentences in The Illuminati Manifesto it becomes apparent that this individual did not possess any literary skills whatsoever and his fragmented thought patterns clearly reflect a mentally unstable person.

One of the most bizarre, and somewhat amusing things found in Tulbure’s book is his talk about how the Illuminati had set up an online dating site for Illuminati swingers.  He wrote, “You must also have available documentation proving that you and/or your spouse or lover does not have any STDs.  To find other Illuminati or non-Illuminati swingers visit or”[5]

The book is 303 pages long, and is full of random and sometimes incoherent statements.  What can be understood from the book is that the author had no compassion for anyone.  Found within his fanciful Illuminati Constitution, it reads, “Title V.  Requires parents who give birth to disabled people to provide for all the needs of the disabled individual for as long as the disabled has the needs.  Requires that government do not provide any financial aids/welfare to the disabled, just because he/she is disabled.  Society does not have any obligation to support, raise and feed disabled people.”[6]

Tulbure also shows his contempt for all religions, saying “We seek to eliminate all the churches, synagogues and mosques and all those whom brainwash our young with mystical baloney and enslave the minds of men and women with religion and false virtues.”[7]

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