Cathy O’Brien's Claims of Being an MK-ULTRA victim

by Mark Dice

In 1995 a woman named Cathy O’Brien published a book titled Trance Formation of America, where she claimed to be a victim of the government’s mind control program, MK-ULTRA, and was essentially a sex slave for wealthy politicians.  While MK-ULTRA was (and probably still is) a top secret program involving sexual abuse, torture, drugging, and hypnotism as methods for brainwashing and mind control techniques, her allegations come under a cloud of suspicion.

Trance Formation of America is quite strange and disturbing, and is written in the form of almost a narrative, including long passages of dialog that O’Brien claims to have remembered.  She says that during the mind control sessions she developed dissociative identity disorder, which used to be classified as multiple personality disorder, and that one of her “alters” had a photographic memory and could recall every conversation that occurred in her presence during the years of her captivity and abuse.

O’Brien claims that some of her abusers were George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Dick Cheney, and Hillary Clinton.  She says that she was rescued in 1988 by a man named Mark Phillips who claims to be a former CIA operative.  Also a part of the story is O’Brien’s daughter Kelly who was also said to be a victim of this program.

What makes O’Brien’s allegations seem believable to some, is the fact that mind control programs like MK-ULTRA have been exposed, and that the aims of such experiments included some unthinkable practices including torture, mind-altering drugs, sexual abuse, and hypnotism.  Some of the actual goals of this program were to create mind controlled slaves or Manchurian Candidates, who would willingly accept and carry out any order given to them regardless of what it was.  There are authentic declassified documents which outline these horrific practices and several victims have been awarded financial settlements for their abuse, so some believe that Cathy O’Brien could be another actual victim of such programs.  During a press conference, President Bill Clinton publicly admitted that, “thousands of government sponsored experiments did take place, at hospitals, universities and military bases around our nation.  Some were unethical, not only by today’s standards, but by the standards of the time in which they were conducted.”[1]

Adding to the controversy over O’Brien’s claims is that in her book she recalls that she was taken to the Bohemian Grove and sexually abused inside the resort.  Similar allegations have been made by Senator John DeCamp as he wrote in his book, The Franklin Cover-Up.  Numerous children have come forward saying that they were sexually abused in the Bohemian Grove and were forced to participate in child pornography and snuff films, allegations that Ted Gunderson, former Senior Special Agent In Charge of the Los Angels FBI confirms.  So such abuse has been alleged to occur in the past, and by young children with no books to sell, and who are not even aware of what the Bohemian Grove is, or who its membership consists of.  So one must carefully consider whether O’Brien herself was a victim as well, or if she is just another in a line of frauds making such claims in an attempt to sell books and lectures.

In her speeches, O’Brien has claimed that a smiley face was carved on the inside of her vagina using an X-Acto knife for the pleasure of her abusers.  In a documentary film called The Most Dangerous Game, produced by the Guerilla News Network in 2002, the film makers took her to a gynecologist and had her examined, and to the doctor’s surprise, there did appear to be such a thing.  The film showed extremely graphic video and photos of the examination in an attempt to prove her allegations.  Skeptics may view the existence of such a thing as a natural anomaly that was discovered by one of her lovers, which she then included in her story of being a victim of MK-ULTRA.  We may never know.

Cathy O’Brien says that her father Earl O’Brien was a pedophile and had been involved in selling her into child pornography when she was a little girl.  In her book she includes a photo of him, along with her family and names them all, including her siblings.  While the claims she makes are extremely disturbing and far fetched, similar activities have been uncovered by congressional hearings and declassified documents.  Serious investigations need to be made into O’Brien’s claims and her background.  While others such as John Todd and Bill Schnoebelen have little to lose if and when they are exposed as frauds, O’Brien making such damning claims about her father would be disastrous if he, or any other family members would find out, if she was fabricating the allegations.

(Excerpt from The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction by Mark Dice - Available on, Kindle and Nook.)

Perhaps O’Brien was a victim of sexual abuse and child pornography by her father and exaggerated her abuse by spinning tales of being a victim of MK-ULTRA instead of her father.  Perhaps emotionally scarred from such abuse, she justified her exaggerations and hoped to earn a living by selling books and lectures.  The copy of Trance Formation of America that this author has in my possession is from the fourteenth printing.  Generally, the bare minimum book printings are 2,000 copies, which would mean the book could have sold 30,000 copies reasonably, or perhaps three times that many, which could have earned O’Brien a healthy profit of close to $100,000 if just over $1 was earned per book.  These are extremely conservative estimates.

Perhaps Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips concocted the entire thing, and out of financial desperation, have tried to earn a living by telling such tales.  They may have been familiar with the anti-New World Order literature and the existence of the Bohemian Grove, MK-ULTRA, and elite pedophiles and sex trafficking.  Or, perhaps she is telling the truth and is a survivor of such activities, which actually do happen.  There are very real victims of such programs, and there are elite perpetrators who are involved in such things, so it is possible that a victim would write a book about them and have nobody believe her.

Whatever the truth is surrounding Cathy O’Brien, no matter how unbelievable her story seems, there are bits and pieces of verifiable information that seem fictional to someone who is unfamiliar with the Illuminati, so one must not dismiss the reality of such things even if O’Brien and Phillips are proven to be frauds.

In 1999 a woman using the pseudonym “Brice Taylor” published, Thanks For The Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free! The Memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s Mind-Controlled Slave which she alleges is her account of being a victim of MK-ULTRA, as well.  Brice Taylor’s book is disturbingly insane and a clear hoax to any critical thinker.  In 2003 a woman named Kathleen Sullivan released a similar book titled, Unshackled: A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control. There are several others with similar stories as well. 

Excerpt from The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction by Mark Dice - available on, Kindle and Nook.)

[1] YouTube: Bill Clinton Admits Government Mind Control Experiments

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